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Breeze Table Mat



This absolutely handwoven kilim Mat is a work of art by the artisans of Uttar Pradesh. The mats are woven on handlooms/pit looms. The mats are available as single pcs and can be used on the dining table place mats or otherwise. The quality of the wool/cotton used in the making of this mat is the best of its kind and adds to its durability. Add a touch of inspiration to your dining tables or rooms through these unique kilim mats!
Due to the use of a very specific type of material i.e. kilims, color and design of the fabric might vary slightly from the image. Kilim is a slit woven textile, presence of slits is a design presence. Not a defect.

Size: 13"x17"
Making Process: Handweaving
Composition/Materials: Hand dyed cotton yarns
Artisan Skill: Hand Woven Kilim
Delivery Time Line: 10-12days
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